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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What is bug life cycle in bug tracking.

Bug Life cycle is the journey of a defect from its starting stage to its closure stage. This cycle varies from organisation to organisation. This cycle help to generate tracking report i.e how much bugs are active ,resolved, deferred, closed etc.

There are several stages in this life cycle.

 1. Open :  When a bug is raised, the status of bug is active.

 2. In-Progress : When developer identified the bug and bug are under fixing.

 3. Not a Bug : If system or application is working according to requirement then developer mark bug as a not a bug/ not reproducible.

 4. Deferred : When a bug is addressed to future release then bug assigned to deferred stage.

 5. Duplicate : If the bug is already reported, then one bug status is changed to duplicate.

 6. Fixed : The bug has been fixed and passed to testing team to verify the fix is working or not. The status of bug is changed to 'resolved'.

7. Reopened : When bug is not fixed or didn't work as expected then bug is changed from resolved to reopened.

8. Closed : If bug is verified and it is fixed then tester mark bug as closed. Duplicate or not a bug can also mark as closed bug.

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