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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Biggest Professional Rivalry.......!!!!

Hi All,

Going to share my experience on one of the biggest professional clashes that happens within an organization. Personally they all are friends and colleagues but when it comes to their work, it always lead them to havoc which most of the times cost the project in which they are working.

Yes, I am talking about Testers v/s Developers.

I have recently joined my current organization and there I faced this for the first time in my professional career. So, I have analyzed and derived few of the reasons due to which this all time riot between testers and developers keep on thriving.

1)  The stress and the high pressure caused by the strict deadline set by the management, to complete the project in a much shorter time, than it would normally take is a most prominent reason that could result in an out busting of conflict between the two.

2) Taking base of my first point, usually we have fluctuating requirements from clients end which leads to the last time changes in a software. This makes developers to stretch their working hours and testers to run the test cycle again and again in order to finish the project under the deadline. This is obvious if someone is working extra hours under immense pressure of deadline and not getting proper amount of time for the work he/she is doing then the chances of errors and bugs are much higher.
Below flow will explain the reason for all this:

3) The difference in the job functionality between the two can also result in an interpersonal conflict. Primary responsibility of the developer is to maximize efficiency by getting the work done using the resources smartly, whereas the most desired responsibility of the tester is effectiveness, i.e. to ensure quality when delivering the end product. The difference between the job functionality and the goals of the two can automatically lead to a clash.

4) The difference in the level of experience can also result into a clash or conflict. Mostly, highly experienced developers work with the less experienced testers and the difference in the opinion and the different perceptions of the two regarding the organization can outburst the clash. Most of the testers have issues regarding job securities and self-esteem, as most organizations give more importance to the developers and to stay and prove themselves, testers have to work and exert more.

5) Another possible reason of the conflict can be the difference in the personality attributes and mental process of the testers and the developers. Most of the developers become too protective when testers identified a defect or flaw in an application, coded by them.

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