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Friday, August 26, 2016

Material Design

Material Design

 Material Design   is a design and developed by Google.(2014)

 Material design is one of the most influential visual philosophies in design. It’s shaping
 the way people see and interact with interfaces because of clear design and usability guidelines like a  paper effect.

 Material design framework works with all the android platforms and is know for flat
 graphical interface. Google’s new visual design framework is flat, elegant, and vibrant
 creating a unified Android experience.

 Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms  and devices. Android now includes support for material design apps.

The material theme provides a new style for our  app, system widgets that let you set their color palette, and default animations for touch feedback and activity transitions.

Material design mostly three basic concepts:

Realistic visual cues:- The design is grounded in reality and actually inspired by design       with paper and ink.

 Bold, graphic and intentional:- Fundamental design techniques drive the visuals. Typography, grids, space, scale, color and imagery guide the entire design. Elements live in defined spaces with a clear hierarchy. Color and type choices are bold and deliberate.

Motion provides meaning:- Animation is a key component of Material Design, but it can’t just be there for the sake of movement. Animations need to happen in a single environment, serve to focus the design and include simple and easy transitions. Movements and actions should mirror the physical world.


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