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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Debugging : Compare Logs

Many a times we come to a situation where we know that one scenario is working and other scenario is not working in SharePoint implementation. e.g. search is returning results for authenticated users and not working for anonymous users so we need to debug such situation thoroughly and in order to debug sharepoint logs are the best pointers to start with.

Now the difficult part is to scan the huge log files and that too with verbose mode on. So we can quickly go to server and fireup some powershell commands to get desired log files without putting any load on the server


Enable verbose mode on with powershell

Set-SPLogLevel -TraceSeverity verboseEx -EventSeverity verbose

Create a new log file to collect only working scenario data. Notedown the time when you fire this command to save it later



Now go the client machine and execute the working scenario. Once done then run the New-SPLogFile again and save the latest file created with file from the folder

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\LOGS

Now run the scenario that was not working. Once done then run the  New-SPLogFile again and save the new file

Now you need to run Clear-SPLogLevel to reset back the default log level

Monday, June 30, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Foundation vs Standard vs Enterprise

Developer featuresSharePoint Foundation 2013SharePoint Server 2013—Standard EditionSharePoint Server 2013—Enterprise Edition
Access ServicesNoNoYes
App Catalog (SharePoint)NoYesYes
App Deployment: Autohosted AppsNoNoNo
App Deployment: Cloud-Hosted AppsNoYesYes
App Deployment: SharePoint-Hosted AppsNoYesYes
App Management ServicesNoYesYes
BCS: Alerts for External ListsNoYesYes
BCS: App Scoped External Content Types (ECTs)NoYesYes
BCS: Business Data WebpartsNoYesYes
BCS: External ListYesYesYes
BCS: OData connectorNoYesYes
BCS: Profile PagesNoYesYes
BCS: Rich Client IntegrationNoNoYes
BCS: Secure Store ServiceYesYesYes
BCS: Tenant-level external data logNoNoYes
Browser-based customizationsYesYesYes
Client Object Model (OM)YesYesYes
Client-side rendering (CSR)YesYesYes
Custom Site DefinitionsNoYesYes
Custom Site ProvisioningNoNoYes
Developer SiteNoNoNo
Forms Based ApplicationsNoYesYes
Forms on SpreadsheetsNoYesYes
Full-Trust SolutionsYesYesYes
InfoPath Forms ServicesNoNoYes
JavaScript Object ModelYesYesYes
List and Library APIsYesYesYes
Remote Event ReceiverYesYesYes
Sandboxed SolutionsYesYesYes
SharePoint Design ManagerNoYesYes
SharePoint DesignerYesYesYes
SharePoint StoreYesYesYes
Workflow 2010 (.NET 3.5)YesYesYes
Workflow 2010 (out of the box)NoYesYes
Workflow 2013NoYesYes
Workload API: ECM APIsNoYesYes
Workload API: Search APIsYesYesYes
Workload API: Social APIsNoYesYes
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IT Professional featuresSharePoint Foundation 2013SharePoint Server 2013—Standard EditionSharePoint Server 2013—Enterprise Edition
Active Directory SynchronizationYesYesYes
Alternate Access Mapping (AAM)YesYesYes
Analytics PlatformNoNoYes
Claims-Based Authentication SupportYesYesYes
Configuration WizardsNoYesYes
Deferred Site Collection upgradeYesYesYes
Distributed CacheYesYesYes
Host Header Site CollectionsYesYesYes
Improved Permissions ManagementYesYesYes
Improved Self-Service Site CreationNoNoYes
Managed AccountsYesYesYes
Minimal Download Strategy (MDS)YesYesYes
Patch ManagementYesYesYes
Quota TemplatesYesYesYes
Read-Only Database SupportYesYesYes
Remote Blob StorageYesYesYes
Request ManagementYesYesYes
Request throttlingYesYesYes
Resource throttlingYesYesYes
Service Application PlatformYesYesYes
SharePoint Health AnalyzerYesYesYes
SharePoint Online Admin CenterN/A (SharePoint Online only)N/A (SharePoint Online only)N/A (SharePoint Online only)
Shredded StorageYesYesYes
Site Collection Compliance PoliciesNoYesYes
Site Collection Health ChecksYesYesYes
State ServiceYesYesYes
Streamlined Central AdministrationYesYesYes
System Status NotificationsYesYesYes
Unattached Content Database RecoveryYesYesYes
Upgrade evaluation site collectionsYesYesYes
Usage Reporting and LoggingYesYesYes
Windows PowerShell SupportYesYesYes
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Content featuresSharePoint Foundation 2013SharePoint Server 2013—Standard EditionSharePoint Server 2013—Enterprise Edition
Accessibility Standards SupportYesYesYes
Asset Library Enhancements/Video SupportYesYesYes
Auditing & Reporting (e.g. doc edits, policy edits, deletes)NoYesYes
Auditing of View EventsNoYesYes
Content OrganizerNoYesYes
Design ManagerYesYesYes
Document SetsNoYesYes
Document Translation in Word Web AppYes1Yes1Yes1
External Sharing: External AccessNoNoNo
External Sharing: Guest LinkNoNoNo
Folder SyncNoYesYes
Information Rights Management (IRM)NoYesYes
In-Place HoldYesYesYes
Managed Metadata ServiceNoYesYes
Metadata-driven NavigationNoYesYes
Multi-stage DispositionNoYesYes
Office ProPlus (Osub)NoNoNo
Office Web Apps (edit)Yes1Yes1Yes1
Office Web Apps (view)Yes1Yes1Yes1
Office Web Apps Server integrationYesYesYes
PowerPoint Automation ServicesNoYesYes
Preservation hold libraryNoNoYes
Quick EditYesYesYes
Related ItemsYesYesYes
Rich Media ManagementNoYesYes
Shared Content TypesNoYesYes
SharePoint Translation ServicesNo3YesYes
Site mailboxNoYes2Yes2
Unique Document IDsNoYesYes
Video SearchNoNoYes
WCM: AnalyticsNoYesYes
WCM: CatalogNoNoYes
WCM: Cross-site publishingNoNoYes
WCM: Designer ToolsNoYesYes
WCM: Faceted navigationNoNoYes
WCM: Image RenditionsNoNoYes
WCM: Mobile and Device RenderingNoYesYes
WCM: Multiple DomainsNoNoYes
WCM: OOTB Recommendations WebpartsNoYesYes
WCM: Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)NoYesYes
WCM: Topic PagesNoNoYes
Word Automation ServicesNoYesYes
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Insights featuresSharePoint Foundation 2013SharePoint Server 2013—Standard EditionSharePoint Server 2013—Enterprise Edition
Business Intelligence CenterNoNoYes
Calculated Measures and MembersNoNoYes
Data Connection LibraryNoNoYes
Decoupled PivotTables and PivotChartsNoNoYes
Excel ServicesNoNoYes
Field list and Field SupportNoNoYes
Filter EnhancementsNoNoYes
Filter SearchNoNoYes
PerformancePoint ServicesNoNoYes
PerformancePoint Services (PPS) Dashboard MigrationNoNoYes
Power ViewNoNoYes
Quick ExploreNoNoYes
Scorecards & DashboardsNoNoYes
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Integrated ModeYesYesYes
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Web PartYesYesYes
Timeline SlicerNoNoYes
Visio ServicesNoNoYes
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Search featuresSharePoint Foundation 2013SharePoint Server 2013—Standard EditionSharePoint Server 2013—Enterprise Edition
Advanced Content ProcessingYesYesYes
Content Search Web PartNoNoYes
Continuous crawlYesYesYes
Custom entity extractionNoNoYes
Deep linksNoYesYes
Event-based relevancyNoYesYes
Expertise SearchYesYesYes
Extensible content processingNoNoYes
Graphical refinersNoYesYes
Hybrid searchYesYesYes
Managed navigationNoYesYes
On-premises search indexYesYesYes
Phonetic name matchingYesYesYes
Query rules—Add promoted resultsNoYesYes
Query rules—advanced actionsNoNoYes
Query spelling correctionYesYesYes
Query suggestionsNoYesYes
Query throttlingNoYesYes
Quick previewYesYesYes
RESTful Query API/Query OMYesYesYes
Result sourcesYesYesYes
Search connector frameworkNoYesYes
Search results sortingYesYesYes
Search vertical: “Conversations”NoYesYes
Search vertical: “People”NoYesYes
Search vertical: “Video”NoNoYes
Tunable RelevancyNoNoYes
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Sites featuresSharePoint Foundation 2013SharePoint Server 2013—Standard EditionSharePoint Server 2013—Enterprise Edition
Change the lookYesYesYes
Connections to Microsoft Office ClientsYesYesYes
Cross Browser SupportYesYesYes
Custom Managed PathsYesYesYes
Large List Scalability and ManagementYesYesYes
Mobile ConnectivityYesYesYes
Multi-Lingual User InterfaceYesYesYes
My TasksYesYesYes
OOTB Web PartsYesYesYes
Permissions ManagementYesYesYes
Project functionality for team sitesYesYesYes
Project site templateYesYesYes
Project Summary web partYesYesYes
Project workspaceYesYesYes
Public Website (SPO)N/A (SharePoint Online only)N/A (SharePoint Online only)N/A (SharePoint Online only)
SharePoint ListsYesYesYes
SharePoint RibbonYesYesYes
Task listYesYesYes
Team Site: Drag & DropYesYesYes
Team Site: NotebookYesYesYes
Team Site: Simplified AccessYesYesYes
Work Management ServiceYesYesYes
Usage AnalyticsYesYesYes
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Social featuresSharePoint Foundation 2013SharePoint Server 2013—Standard EditionSharePoint Server 2013—Enterprise Edition
Ask Me AboutNoYesYes
Communities Reputation, Badging, and ModerationNoYesYes
Company FeedYesYesYes
One Click SharingNoYesYes
People, Sites, Document RecommendationsNoYesYes
Personal SiteNoYesYes
Photos and PresenceYesYesYes
Site FeedYesYesYes
Skydrive ProYesYesYes
Tag profilesNoYesYes
Tasks integrated with OutlookNoYesYes
Trending TagsNoYesYes

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