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Monday, June 11, 2012

SharePoint 15

Microsoft is planning to release the beta version of its new SharePoint avtaar aka SharePoint 15 by this summer, however the actual product may be launched later this year or starting 2013. I have been searching for the new enhancements and new features that Microsoft is planning for SharePoint 15. Below are some key points that I gathered while searching for new features of SharePoint 15.

  • Include an overhauled Client Object Model (COM), "making it easier for UI designers and front-end developers to build compelling visual interfaces."
  • Support a new app marketplace that will create an ecosystem for multitenant apps.
  • Feature a version for education and training called SharePoint Education.
  • Enable workflow looping in SharePoint Designer, eliminating the need for the Visual Studio development environment for that function.
  • Provide authentication via OAuth 2.0, an open standard that provides cross-platform authentication.
  • SharePoint 15 and Exchange Server 15 are both getting additional built-in information-rights-management (IRM) document-protection functionality as part of the base products.
  • Project Online: New Project site to manage lightweight projects.
  • Visio cloud service component.
  • Offer added information rights management in SharePoint Foundation.
  • Support for viewing business intelligence content on Apple iPad devices.
  • SharePoint 2013 Technical Preview Software Development Kit (SDK) is launched and can be downloaded at:
  • New SharePoint Apps Marketplace.
    using  Microsoft.SharePoint.AppManagement
  • Support new Database provider. You can attach Database like MSSQL and any other using namespace:
  • Authentication with a service that supports OAuth 2.0 bearer token authentication using namespace: