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Thursday, April 28, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Pricing

Since last two days I've been struggling to get a rough idea about SharePoint 2010 prices for different scenarios and couldn't find a single link from Microsoft where I can see the prices straight. So after lots of effort I gathered some information on the pricing model which might not be accurate as it's not from the Microsoft and might change in future.

SharePoint 2010 licensing overview without prices:

Windows Server 2008 Pricing:

SQL Server Pricing:

SharePoint 2010 Foundation
Free Download
Should have proper Operating System Licenses. It only works with classic authentication {Active directory users}. No claims based authentication is supported { SSO and Forms Authentication}
Download Link :
SharePoint 2010 Server

SharePoint 2010 Server Standard CAL

SharePoint 2010 Server Enterprise CAL
$95 + $83
You have to purchase standard license for enterprise to work.
SharePoint Server 2010 -Internet Sites - Standard Edition

SharePoint Server 2010 -Internet Sites - Enterprise Edition

FAST Search Server

SQL server 2008 R2 (with 5 user CAL)

Windows server 2008 R2 (With 5 user CAL)

External connector (Per server)
 External connector is used when you need to give active directory user access to only SharePoint Server and not any other functionality in the domain. 
*Listed prices do not include any Software Assurance cost.

You can compare all the features from the link provided below:

Some more granular details can find here:

Looking for the online quotation... see the link below


  1. super--thanks!!!

  2. This is really helping.

    Is this 1 year license cost or permanenet license cost ?

    Also I hope this is retai cost ( not any Enterprise Agreement / Software Assurance cost)

    Can you pls confirm

  3. This is a one time cost and it depends on the number of servers and users you have in your environment