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Friday, April 1, 2011

How to change "List Item Action Menus" text in Sharepoint

If you want to change the text of "List Item Action Menus" that appears as drop-down lists in SharePoint, you can achieve that by editing Core.JS and OWS.js files in the 12 hive at the location C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\
Note:- But please be aware that this is not a recommended process because if you get any SharePoint updates or migrate sites from one server to another server you would lose these changes. But putting down here anyway!
var L_ViewItem_Text="View Item";
var L_EditItem_Text="Edit Item";
var L_DeleteItem_Text="Delete Item";
var L_Subscribe_Text="Alert Me";
var L_MngPerms_Text="Manage Permissions";
var L_ViewItem_Text="View this record";
var L_EditItem_Text="Edit this record";
var L_DeleteItem_Text="Delete this record";
var L_MngPerms_Text="Manage Permissions for this record";
var L_Subscribe_Text="Alert Me for this record";

Likewise you can also change other variables as per your requirements.
Other Variables:
var L_Edit_Text="Edit";
var L_EditSeriesItem_Text="Edit Series";
var L_DeleteDocItem_Text="Delete";
var L_ViewProperties_Text="View Properties";
var L_EditProperties_Text="Edit Properties";
var L_ViewResponse_Text="View Response";
var L_EditResponse_Text="Edit Response";
var L_DeleteResponse_Text="Delete Response";
var L_Subscribe_Text="Alert Me";
var L_CustomizeNewButton_Text="Change New Button Order";
var L_Review_Text="Send for Review";
var L_EditIn_Text="Edit in ^1";
var L_EditInApplication_Text="Edit Document"
var L_Checkin_Text="Check In";
var L_Checkout_Text="Check Out";
var L_DiscardCheckou_Text="Discard Check Out";
var L_CreateDWS_Text="Create Document Workspace";
var L_PublishBack_Text="Publish to Source Location";
var L_Versions_Text="Version History";
var L_WorkOffline_Text="Connect to Client";
var L_Reply_Text="Reply";
var L_ExportContact_Text="Export Contact";
var L_ExportEvent_Text="Export Event";
var L_Reschedule_Text="Rescheduling Options";
var L_Move_Text="Move";
var L_Keep_Text="Keep";
var L_Delete_Text="Delete";
var L_Open_Text="Open";
var L_SiteSettings_Text="Change Site Settings";
var L_ManageUsers_Text="Manage Users";
var L_DeleteSite_Text="Delete Site";
var L_SiteStorage_Text="Manage Site Storage";
var L_Settings_Text="Settings";
var L_Remove_Text="Remove from this list";
var L_ModerateItem_Text="Approve/reject";
var L_PublishItem_Text="Publish a Major Version";
var L_CancelPublish_Text="Cancel Approval";
var L_UnPublishItem_Text="Unpublish this version";
var L_DownloadOriginal_Text="Download Picture";
var L_EditVersion_Text="Edit";
var L_EditInOIS_Text="Edit Picture";
var L_Workflows_Text="Workflows";
var L_Send_Text="Send To";
var L_ExistingCopies_Text="Existing Copies";
var L_OtherLocation_Text="Other Location";
var L_GoToSourceItem_Text="Go to Source Item";
var L_NotifyThisIsCopy_Text="This item was copied from another location and may be receiving updates from there. You should make sure that the source stops sending updates or this item may get recreated.\n\n";
var L_SendToEmail_Text="E-mail a Link";
var L_DownloadACopy_Text="Download a Copy";
var L_DocTran_Text="Convert Document";
var L_AddToMyLinks_Text="Add to My Links";
var L_AddToCategory_Text="Submit to Portal Area";
var L_VS_DownArrow_Text="Select a View";
var L_ModifyView="Modify this view";
var L_CreateView="Create a new view";

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