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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sharepoint People Picker control issue:"The control is not available because you do not have the correct permissions"

This is an issue that we faced recently in one of our sites where in only the admin user could see the sharepoint people picker control added on the page.For all the other users, the control was not visible and kept on giving the error:

"The control is not available because you do not have the correct permissions".

From the error , it seemed obvious that it was a permission issue.
We checked the group for the non admin user, also checked the people picker which was set to choose from 'All Users'but it didn't help.

Eventually , the solution to this problem was found in the permission levels.The permission level assigned to the non admin user was 'Contribute'. While checking the permission level settings , we found that a permission 'Browse User information' had bot been given due to which the users with the 'Contribute' permission level were not able to see other users information and hence not able to see the people picker control.

The solution was to grant this permission to the 'contribute' permission level.

If you are using a specific group for your functionality then change the settings for that group and allow everyone to see the group 

Once this was done, the people picker was visible to all users.


  1. this is not working even I did so!!!

  2. I set up this to a group and no one in the group can view the picker after.

  3. Please check the Group settings and see if users has access to view group members.

  4. Hi Nitin,

    I've this issue, my aspx page for list new item dispalys this error msg and not ppl picker control.

    I've updated my group with pemissions as you described but without success.

    If I configure the user with Full Control to my intranet then I could see the control. Issue is I cannot configure all users with FullControl to my intranet.

    I am in a fix... Pls assist


  5. Hi Daw,

    I am assuming that the current user has the contribute access on the list you are trying to add new items. Please give enumerate permission access to his group.

    If its still not working then lets have a call on gtalk to resolve this issue. My id is listed in my profile.

  6. it's not working, I've already tried. Anonymous users cannot see this control