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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Brief introduction of TX Text Control and print "Hello World" in pdf file


Sharing a not new but different Technology to generate a PDF report by programming with "TX Text Control"

   It's a technology to generate a report in format of  '.pdf' and '.rtf'. In my current project, I am using it to generate a Dynamic Report with program which contain tables and paragraph of text. Generally, Tx Text control is using with '.tx' type template which contain all static information and dynamic data bind with Tx text control. Here, MailMerge class is playing crucial role. Main classes which generally use, are
1. ServerTextControl
2. MailMerge
3. SaveSetting
4. LoadSetting

Hello world!! program

  Before start with TX Text Control You have to install at your system. You can download from
Tx Text Control Download link. After filling some detail You can get trail version.

  • Add Tx Text control Reference to your project in lib folder.

Tx Text Control references dll

  • Graphical User Interface of TX Text Control.

Tx Text Control GUI

var tx = new ServerTextControl();
var res = "D:\tmp\12345.pdf";
tx.Text = "Hello World !!";
var s = new SaveSetting();
tx.Save(res, GetOutputType(res), s);

I will come in my next blog with Table, paragraph ,text formatting and more changes in Tx Text Control..

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