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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Show apostrophe in Javascript

In many scenarios, we need to call some Javascript method in our applications. Most common of which can be javascript:alert('message'). We ususlly pass out string in javascript alert, but if the string contains ( ' ) character, the method fails and throw an exception as:

alert('This ' will terminate the string');

One way to resolve this is to replace "'" with ' like:

alert('string works well with ' used here');

However you need to ensure that you are not using this on Older versions of Internet Explorer since ' is not supported in earlier versions of HTML. For behaving correctly in older versions also, you can use: '

alert('This works in all the browsers for the constant '');

If you are working on .Net Framework 4.0, then you can also make use of the folllowing property to create a javascript supported script as:

HTTPUtility.JavascriptEncode("the constant ' is supported here")

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