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Monday, December 19, 2011

Disable - "Did you mean" feature for some words - Spell Checking in FAST Search - SharePoint 2010

In FAST Search Center, there is a feature - Did you mean... If user search for some word and there is some mistake in spelling then "Did you mean" feature show some suggestions.

FAST Search with SharePoint 2010 provides spell checking capability. So when a user types a wrong spelling for a word it suggest a correct word with Did you mean functionality. Suppose if we are searching with a "Shareepoint" it suggests that Did you mean sharepoint.

But if we do not want to offer some words as suggestion, means, words that are never offered as suggestions to searchers, then there is a feature - Add Spell Checking Exception, using that we can achieve this.

These are the following steps to do this:
1. Go to the Central Administration -> Manage Service Application -> FAST Query SSA.

2. Go to FAST Search Administration, Under Spell Checking you will find Spell Checking Management link.

3. Now in this screen we can add the words for which we dont want to recieve the suggestions. To add a exception click on the "Add Spell Checking Exception" as shown:

4. There is a timer job with the name "FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint Dictionary Compilation Job" which compiles these suggestion. We can run this job manually or wait for this job to run.

Once this job is completed user will not receive the suggestion for the word shareepoint.

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