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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Managed Path in Sharepoint 2010

In this article we will see how we can create managed path in Sharepoint 2010.
Sometimes we have to define which URL's SharePoint should maintain for a sitecolllection. To define this we have to create managed path for web application.
The managed paths are web application specific i.e. the managed path created for one web application will not appear in any other web application.
We can create two types of managed path:
1.   Wildcard Inclusion
2.   Explicit Inclusion
Explicit Inclusion managed path allows us to create a single site collection on that path and Wildcard Inclusion allows us to create multiple site collection on that managed path.
Let’s see how we can create managed path in Sharepoint 2010:
Go to Sharepoint 2010 Central Administration and click on Managed Path as shown in below image.
Now write the managed path which you want to create and click on Add Path button.

The managed path has been created for that particular web application.

Now click on create new site collection and select the same web application you will see the managed path created by you.


  1. This is fine for CA, but I want to allow site owners to do this from their sites under site actions-New site.

  2. Hi, you can't have the user do that from under site actions, new site, this implies a site collection has already been created. Managed paths are for arranging where (in the name space of the url)site collections are created.