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Sunday, November 27, 2011

SharePoint Application Design Document Template

Document Organization
Acronyms, Abbreviations, Terms and Definitions
System Overview
Architectural Goals and Constraint
Application Architecture

Architecture Diagram
Component Description
User Interface (Infopath/Web Parts)
Web Services
Security (Authorization/Authentication)
Content Types/Lists/Libraries
SharePoint Databases
Third Party Databases
SharePoint Web Application Details
Web Application and extended application
Application Zones
Application Manage Paths
Application Services integration
Publishing Feature Details
Custom Features Details
Application General Settings
Service Applications
Microsoft enterprise library (Error handling/Logging)
Communication/ Data flow directions between the components
Application Security Architecture (Firewall/TMG – Forfront treat management gateway)

Server Topology
Network Infrastructure
Storage Requirement
Browser Support
Design Considerations
Assumptions and Dependencies
General Constraints
Goals and Guidelines

Farm Architecture /Topology Diagram

Backup and Recovery plan

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