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Monday, May 6, 2013

Parameter count mismatch

If you are working with BCS to pull data for search service application or FAST Search then you might have encountered this error when ever you try to update a dll where you have added or removed parameters for either paging or some custom logic.

"Parameter Count Mismatch"

Here are the steps that you should use to resolve this issue :

1. Upload your dll in GAC
2. Run following commands in powershell

$url = "http://gdc-encore"
$assemblyPath = "Assembly path"
$lobSystem = "Lob system name"
Write-Host "Adding assembly to LOBSystem"
$serviceContext = Get-SPServiceContext $url
$lobSystem = Get-SPBusinessDataCatalogMetadataObject -ServiceContext $serviceContext -BdcObjectType lobsystem -Name $lobSystem
Import-SPBusinessDataCatalogDotNetAssembly -LobSystem $lobSystem -Path $assemblyPath

3. Reset search service from the services named "SharePoint Server Search 14" which is running mssdmn behind the scenes and caches the dll which causes the mismatch in assembly reference.

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