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Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Create FTP site in IIS 7

You can follow below mentioned steps to create a Basic FTP site in IIS 7.

  • Create a folder named "ftproot" at <System Drive>\inetpub\" if it not already exists. You may use any name for this folder.

  • Set the permissions to allow anonymous access by typing the following command in the Command Prompt:
         ICACLS "%SystemDrive%\inetpub\ftproot" /Grant IUSR:R /T

  • Type "inetmgr "to open the IIS in command prompt.
  • Under Sites Section, right-click the node click Add FTP Site.


  • Enter name of the site and select the path of the physical folder that you created in step 1. Click Next

  • On the next section, Choose an IP address for your FTP site from the IP Address drop-down, or choose to accept the default selection of "All Unassigned."
  • Enter the TCP/IP port for the FTP site in the Port box. I will go with the default port of 21.
  • Make sure that the Certificates drop-down is set to "Not Selected" and that the Allow SSL option is selected. Click Next

  • On the next tab, select Anonymous for the Authentication settings.
  • I have selected the option - Allow Access to: All Users and given all the users Read and Write permissions. You can change these settings as per your requirements.

This completes your initial configuration.You can check the newely created FTP location by typing the following URL in Windows Explorer:
        ftp://%3cyour/ Domain>:port/
In order to add folders and files to the FTP location, you will need to enable Basic Authentication on this FTP site.
Now you are ready to access the FTP site in your domain.

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