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Monday, June 20, 2011

How to: Remove Server from MOSS Farm

In one of my project, I was stuck while uninstalling MOSS from one of the servers. After struggling with the issues, I found some solutions that were helpful in resolving the issue. I am putting those resolutions that may be helpful for you also.

I found four way to remove the server from MOSS server farm.
  • First one is disconnect by running the configuration wizard from the start menu. This is the same way to use if you want to leave MOSS 2007 installed on the server but disjoined from the farm.
1.        Run the Configuration Wizard and, on the second page, select Disconnect from this server farm and click Yes on the warning dialog. This will delete the IIS web site and the application pool.
2.        Then, run the uninstall from the Control Panel's Features and Programs application and click Yes on the warning dialog. This will take a reboot.
3.        Then, if you really want to get rid of it all, go to the database server and delete the Config and Admin Content databases
  • Second on is removes the server if you want to clean up the serer when it can contact the configuration database. This method also uninstalls the SharePoint from the server.
    • Use Add/Remove Programs in the control panel.
    • In "Add/Remove Programs", you can remove "Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007", and it wills pop-up a warning, Click Ok to continue.
  • The third method is removing the server from the server farm in the SharePoint Central Administration site. This way is easy and quickly, almost no latency, the action was completed. But this way don’t disconnect the server from the SharePoint database.
  • The last method is more advanced, it will disconnecting the server from the SharePoint configuration database. And then you can format the server or re-install MOSS, whatever you want for the server. The step is very easy:
    • Open a command prompt to c:\program files\common files\Microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\bin (the SharePoint installed path)
    • Run following command:
      psconfig -cmd adminvs -unprovision
      psconfig –cmd configdb –disconnect
Actually, I do server remove by the third and last one method, remove the server from MOSS farm by Central administration site, and then disconnected the server from configuration database. It is easy and cleanly, and without reset anything/reboot machine.

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