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Monday, May 2, 2011

Updating or Changing Content Type of SPListItem through Code in Sharepoint

Through User Interface(UI) Sharepoint allows us to change the Content Type of a list Item.
But to achieve the same thing through coding is little tricky, because SPListItem have a property named "ContentType" but that property is ReadOnly.

//Retrieved form SPListItem class
public SPContentType ContentType { get; }

This means we can not set this property. This is only for retrieval purpose.

Then, how to achieve our requirement.

To achieve this, I have written a method, that will definitely helps you to resolve this issue.

public void SetContentType(SPListItem objSPListItem, SPContentType objSPContentType)
objSPListItem[SPBuiltInFieldId.ContentType] = objSPContentType.Id;

This method takes two arguments: 1. object of SPListItem and 2. object of SPContentType you want to associate with that item.

By using this method you can easily able to change Content Type of a SPListItem.

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