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Friday, February 18, 2011

SharePoint Upgrdation from 2007 to 2010


If you are working on SharePoint up-gradation from 2007 to 2010, this post will help to analyse the points, which you should keep in mind during the up gradation or for estimating up-gradation effort.

1) Analyses of the existing environment : The PreScan tool, will help you to analyse the existing environment.Run this tool on the existing environment and analyse the report given by tool.This report will help you to find out all the issues, needs to be fixed before starting the actual migration.

2) Analysis of the existing code : If the current application is customized and using the SharePoint API's, make sure that all the API's supported by new version also.

3) Analysis of the existing branding : If the current application is using the customized branding, take the relevant estimate for the upgrading of the customize branding on new version. In the SharePoint 2010, master page structure is completely different then MOSS, which will force you to re-write the whole customization from the scratch.

4) Migration Approach : SharePoint supports two approaches for the migration, 1) database migration 2) In place migration. you will get more details for this on
. Before going ahead, make sure that, the approach you are finalizing, should fulfill all the requirements.

5) General Farm settings configuration : You should consider the estimation for applying the general farm level settings in new environment available in the SharePoint 2007 environment like email settings, blocked file settings. In SharePoint 2010, few new settings also introduced by Microsoft (like health data collection, diagnostic logging, and mobile accounts) , consider the efforts for the configuration of these settings also .

6) SSP up-gradation : In the SharePoint 2010, Shared service provider has been changed by new service architecture.Link will help you to analyse the up-gradation approach.

7) Web Configuration Changes : If the custom entries are defined in the application’s web.configuration file, these entries needs to be migrate on the SharePoint 2010 environment. This process requires manually identifying the entries available in the existing configuration files and moving them on new version.

Hope this post will help you in the up-gradation process.

Sourabh Khatri.

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